This is the barber shop

I grew up going to a barber shops, my dad would take me and when I got older I took younger “male” family members. I will admit I have hit a salon before when I was in a pinch for a hair cut…..BUT nothing compares to hittn’ an ole’ school barber shop. I went to Eric’s new location last week, had to make an appointment but that is just fine with me. The place is still gettng a fine tune decorative wise but it’s all about the hair cut and the company of a cool barber and Eric is that. The place is clean, and Eric has a cool vibe working that makes you feel welcome…you can talk about whatever…this is a barber shop, one of the few men sanctuaries left on the planet. A straight hair cut will set you back $20 minus tip. I highly recommend Santa Rosa Barber shop, just kick back and relax and let Ernie do his thing…you won’t regret it!

By: Joe. G

Talented Barber

Just because Eric moved to a new location, his work hasn’t changed. It is still as good as ever if you want a quality haircut. Eric is a skilled barber, personable, and a hoot to converse with about almost any topic. If you’re looking for a talented barber and reasonable prices, try him out soon! You won’t regret it! The new surrounds are really pleasant with a lot more room and easy parking too.

Spartan 58

By: Henry M.

Best Barber Around

Eric owner of Santa Rosa Barbershop is the best Barber around. I will only get my hair cut here! And let me tell you that u won’t find a better barber in SR anywhere(i been everywhere). OLD School barber cuts and Sweet Decor……how can u go wrong!
I always get people asking where I get my haircut from because it’s so damn Sharp. Do yourself a Favor and Go to Eric! He has moved and is no longer at the old location, So don’t go there NOT the same guy NOT the same haircut.

By: Bret W.

Best Haircut in Santa Rosa

Best haircut in Santa Rosa. I have had some bad haircuts, cheap haircuts, and even ‘good’ haircuts in the past, but there has been none as good as Eric. Get in here and you will not be disappointed.

By: Justin W.

Best in Sonoma County

I’ve been going to the Santa Rosa Barber Shop for a few years now and I always love my haircuts. Eric keeps a cool atmosphere, lots of laughs, and he’ll get your hair looking as cool as his. I definitely recommend going! Easy parking, good prices, sells the best hair products, dude’s the best in Sonoma County for sure. Thanks Eric!

By: Tommy S.

Five Stars

FIVE STARS..This place comes highly recommend. It’s nice to know traditional barber shops still exist.

By: Andy P.

Still The Best

Eric has moved, but he’s still the best! We’ve had several appointments since our original review (at his last location) and the only thing that we’d change is that we’d give him more stars, if they were available!

Another well deserved 5 star review!

We dropped in today to see if the barber could turn my betrotheds year-long, untrimmed, definitely unmanicured scraggly beard into something that wouldn’t get him harassed at the airport next week… and it worked!

Eric was the only barber in the shop today when we walked in. He had a man in the chair and another in front of us, but said he’d be able to fit Rick in. He was welcoming and, boy, did he look barber-cool in his hat, apron, short sleeve shirt, & tie. Very dapper!

We left to grab a cup and give the two men in front of us uninterrupted & unaudienced time with their barber and returned in a perfect amount of time to get Rick in the chair.

(I’m unsure of how another yelp reviewer was unwelcome, as a woman, in the shop. Eric was very welcoming to both of us and it turns out, he’s a charmer, a dad and a husband—even bragged a bit about his wife and told us stories about his family. He did curse, but f&ck, this is 2014! )

Eric is an absolute magician. I have no idea of how he is able to turn a quarter of an inch buzz into an actual hairstyle (read: style) , but he did. He was encouraging and professional with turning Rick’s “mountain man beard” into a long goatee.

In other words, I’m no longer in charge of the 1/4 inch buzz and we’re devoted. Rick will be back every month.

Even in the new shop.

Even with online appointments.

By: Glynda C.

Skilled Barber

Eric is very skilled and this is a fun place to go get a shave or a haircut. Traditional barbershop combining modern conveniences. He is open by appointment only, but appointments couldn’t be any easier to make. From your phone or iPad you can book his time usually about 72 hours in advanced. Then that’s nice because there’s no waiting and no one sitting in the chairs waiting as well. You get a nice private cut. He takes his time. You don’t get the sense of being rushed or of things taking too long.

Overall a really fantastic experience.

By: Don H.